Furniture making courses

Ever thought about doing a furniture making course? I run courses at my workshop.  I have many years working as a furniture maker and teaching furniture making. I am a fully qualified teacher and assessor.

There are a series of short courses 2 & 5 day

Topics available range from, veneering, dovetails and routing techniques.

I can also Tailor make a course to suit you where you will cover topics such as design, hand skills, sharpening and machining. The courses run in 3 formats – 8, 12 & 24 weeks, This is ideal if you are considering a career change. The course will be taught through a number of ways, such as, demonstrations and explanantion. Then one to one support at the bench is provided.

I have had great success with past students, 2 have won the South of England Show “Young Craftsman of the Year award” which is a prestigious 5 county show held in Ardingly, Sussex

Below is a testimonial from a past student

“I just wanted to say again what a great year it has been, I really enjoyed it and everyone has said similar things throughout the year – the teaching was superb, the ambiance was great and the sense of achievement as we accomplished things we had thought impossible was enormous.  To hear everyone (nearly everyone!) saying they couldn’t wait for Monday morning again to meet together and ‘do’ furniture was really great.  I’m sure you know this but so many on the course felt they had at last found what they were looking for and you should be really encouraged”

Hope to see you on a course in the near future


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