Example of a typical day on a furniture making course



 The Furniture Making course with Martin Howlett are aimed at people with little experience or somebody wanting to develop current skills. It provides the perfect environment for those who wish to revisit and develop skills previously learned.

 The courses are designed so that all 2 day courses develop skills so that a piece of furniture is achievable on the 5 day course. The courses develop a firm foundation so that skills can be developed in your own time.

The tutor introduces techniques and tools required for veneering by way of demonstration, discussion and student practice.

Based in the workshop throughout, the tutor will give informal lectures/demonstrations at each stage of the project, one-to-one tuition and guidance will follow at the bench.



All breaks are negotiable so that students get the most out of day

Day 1

09:00 – Welcome and introduction

09:15 – Tools and techniques demonstration

10:30 – Tea/coffee break

10:45 – Practical cutting/jointing developing skills

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch (negotiable)

13:30 – Solid lipping (chessboard)

15:30 – Tea/coffee break

15:45 – Prepare board for veneer

17:00 – End of day

Day 2

09:00 – Welcome and introduction

09:15 – Demonstration of chessboard construction

10:30 – Tea/coffee break

10:45 – Make chess board and with cross banding and lay veneers

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch (negotiable)

13:30 – Clean up

15:30 – Tea/coffee break

15:45 – Finishing

17:00 End of day


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