Young Craftsman of the Year Competition 2011

This year I will be a steward at the Young Craftsman of the Year Competition.

Last year two of my students did really well and won 1st and 2nd prize. What made the 1 -2 even more satisfying was that Greg Miles who got the 1st prize also won the overall competition and was crowned Young Craftsman of the Year 2010.

Grefg Miles, winner of Young Craftsman

Check out the link, this is a really good competition for young Furniture makers, Black smiths, Costume designers, ceramicist’s and the list goes on.

The Competition is run by a group of dedicated people who all have a genuine interest in the talents of Young Crafts People.

Im really looking forward to be a part of the team at this year’s show.


Furniture and Cabinetmaking Magazine

I have just received my post and the new copy of the Furniture and Cabinetmaking magazine graced my door map.

As you may be aware from my last post I was eagerly awaiting this because my Article on wood machining will be in it.

I quickly checked the index and on page 54 in the Article. Titled: Machine Jigs  – Any angle is possible with Martin Howlett’s adjustable machine jig.

Having started to contribute to the magazine I am really pleased to be able to do it and also the quality of my pictures looked good inside the magazine.

If you find the articles interesting then there are more to come, I have been asked to four in total on various machines.

Happy furniture making