Furniture making jigs

I have recently started writing for the furniture and cabinetmaking magazine. I am doing a series of articles on machining and using jigs with them.

I am a big fan of jigs in furniture making and I would guess that every other furniture maker is the same. I have a series of jigs which I always rely on. But it wasnt until I started doing these articles that I sat back and thought about how can these be better.

I always make jigs well and spend time on them, I believe it is worth treating them like the piece of furniture I am working on. but when I started taking photos for the magazine I realised that the jigs looked a bit tired and I was also making little adjustments which were impossible to explain.

This got me thinking, how can the jigs bebetter, I set about working out what was good and bad with the jigs and made the appropriate adjustments to the design. Got them made and photographed them.

I guess the moral to this blog is, make some time and re-visit some jigs and make some new ones, it may seem like a waste of time but I guarantee it will safe time in the long run, When your standing around scratching your head trying to remember what adjustment or small packer is needed to where!


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