Lamello Visit

I have been using the excellent Lamello P2 Zeta for a few years and I was lucky enough to get a visit from Catherine Earle of CSJ PR Marketing Ltd. Here I was able to demonstrate how I use the machine and how it has benefited my production techniques. The transcript of this meeting is below along with some photos. Photo Credit: Catherine Earle

Follow this link for the whole magazine and article

Media Units

I design and build many media units for my clients. I really enjoy designing and making them. It is always about maximising the space available and normally they are split into 3 sections, left middle and right. The middle section is normally wider than the left and right section, but this will always depend on space and proportions. Lighting is always a nice edition and I use LED lights which are hidden nicely but create a warm glow to the open section. I think the classic media unit has shaker doors below, a oak worktop and open section above with either fixed or adjustable shelves. For adjustable shelves I use Sugatsune Shelf mounts. This is well engineered and is solid for the storage of books for example.

Media Unit wall
Media unit for a dining room